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The Charlie Brechtel Band!

Biker Music | Southern Rock

There is a history, a legacy and a brotherhood that comprise the soul of the American Biker. Those are also the elements that separate the music of Charlie Brechtel from any other musician or biker band who aim their talents at the motorcycling community. The soul of the American biker and the music of Charlie Brechtel are truly one and the same…

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October 30

David Labrava Website

Author: BIC Staff

Check out the new David Labrava Online Store and Website!  Check out David (Happy on Sons of Anarchy) and get some swag today!

October 29

Piers of the West Coast

Author: BIC Staff

Piers of the West Coast: Travelled on Two Wheels
Paperback by Gary Koz Mraz

Piers of the West Coast – Part 1visits 35 piers from San Diego to Santa Cruz on motorcycle and each pier has its own story. Full of tips on restaurants, entertainment and local lore it’s a perfect day ride. Did you know you can rent a cottage and actually sleep “over” the ocean at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach? Did you know you can ride onto 3 historic wooden piers and there is an abandoned concrete battleship at piers end? Standing at the end of a pier high above an azure sea the Pacific Ocean races towards you and you’re riding on it.

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September 30


Author: BIC Staff

Another great article by Mike Horton – B.I.C On The Road Reporter:


So as my buddy Bleu and I pulled into a truck stop parking lot the other day, I watched the normal one or two people randomly staring. Not because a group of tattooed bikers pulled in, but the rumble of the v twin causing their ears to perk up and eyes sparkle with a reminiscent glow.  You hop off and stretch your back with the only thing on your mind being how amazing those shitty truck stop fries are going to taste.  In a matter of seconds you’re greeted with the familiar phrase “nice bike” then a 5 minute reflection of the motorcycle they had at 18 and how much they missed it, followed by the reasoning behind why it’s no longer a part of their life.  The question I’ve asked myself numerous times is “what makes us different and why did we never walk away?”

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September 29

Motorcycle House

Author: BIC Staff

To BIC members and Fans, I have been contacted by an outside company; they go by the name Mr. Dewayne “DJ” Jasper is Product review manager and also my contact to the company. Mr. Jasper has asked me and the rest of the B.i.C staff to include Good-Time Charlie, to review some of their product lines of everything motorcycle. Read more

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