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July 20

5 Ways To Trick Out Your Motorcycle

Author: BIC Staff

With tens of millions of motorcycles on the road, it’s difficult for bikers to stand out. However, performing one of the following modifications to your bike is sure to turn heads.

Get a Custom Paint Job

If you really want your motorcycle to stand out from the crowd, you should get a custom paint job. There are paint shops that specialize in motorcycles, turning your visionary design into a reality. Whether you want to showcase your initials, scenery, people, a superhero, or anything else your mind can imagine, they can paint it on your bike. Keep in mind, though, that custom paint jobs for motorcycles isn’t cheap.

Get a Custom Seat

Another way to trick out your motorcycle is to replace the stock seat with a premium, more stylish seat. Custom seats are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, making them a popular choice among DIY bike modders. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that any new seat you intend to use is comfortable, because there’s nothing worse than riding on a stiff wooden plank.

Install New Tires

Don’t underestimate the impact that new tires will have on your motorcycle. Aside from the performance benefits – better handling, gas mileage, etc. – will create a cleaner appearance, helping your bike shine on the road. Unfortunately, far too many riders rarely replace their tires, using the same worn-out tires year after year. Whether there’s tread left or not, you should consider replacing your tires to improve its look and performance. New tires should only run about $300-$400, which is a small price to pay considering all of the benefits they offer.

Install a Stereo System

Still riding your motorcycle in silence? Why not install a stereo system. UNiQ Cycle Sounds offers some of the best-performing motorcycle speaker systems on the market. Featuring high-powered amplifiers, speakers, and mounts, you can turn your bike into a full-fledged audio system. Having a motorcycle speaker system installed on your motorcycle will make those long rides a little more enjoyable while increasing the value of your bike.

Install Custom Handlebars

Last but not least, consider installing custom handlebars on your motorcycle, maybe even some ape hangars. Even if your current handlebars do they job just fine, you can make your bike more appealing by installing custom designed handlebars. This is a simple modification that’s not going to cost and arm and a leg.