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Submit Music for Radio Airplay


Here at The Bikers Inner Circle and BIC Radio we currently operate on a barter and exchange program with you our music providers – that includes artists, PR companies, managers, and small indie record labels.

To be clear: submitting your music to The Bikers Inner Circle and BIC Radio includes granting us broadcasting and podcasting rights of your submitted song(s) for free, waiving present and future rights to collection of both broadcast and mechanical royalties. Basically this means you’re giving us the music for free, and understand that there is no promise of payment from us. However, we strive to repay you in other ways including promotion, airplay, backlinks and more.

We aim to provide our listeners with the best possible independent music radio shows, promote your music, band and brand, and will endeavor to help compensate you by adding links to our websites, purchasing links, and donation links (these will be expanded in the future.)

Read the Terms of Submission below and use the attached form to submit your tracks.

We are currently accepting music related to bikers and motorcycles, including Acoustic, Rock, Blues, etc.

The Terms of Submission to the The Bikers Inner Circle and BIC Radio:

You confirm and accept legal responsibility that submitted works to The Bikers Inner Circle and BIC Radio are the property of the artist, and all rights to these works being submitted, including lyrics and music, are the property of the artist.

You confirm and accept legal responsibility that submitted works contain no recordings, lyrics, copyrights, or other elements that are the copyright of any other artist, except under the limited provisions of the Creative Commons License Agreement.

Despite any recording contracts with RIAA, ASCAP, or BMI, or other recording industry entity, you, the submitter confirm you or your client retain ownership of the works, and are free to distribute, broadcast, license or sell these works at the your discretion.

You, the submitter, confirm that you are submitting a musical recording for internet radio airplay and podcast on The Bikers Inner Circle and BIC Radio and its syndicated destinations and websites with the full understanding that no royalties or fees will be paid to the artist (or collection company on their behalf – PRS, BMI, ASCAP etc) by the Show or Station for the use of their content in the context of the already defined terms, neither in the present nor retroactively.

This is a quid pro quo arrangement: free music in exchange for free publicity.

You, the submitter, indemnify The Bikers Inner Circle and BIC Radio, its djs, presenters, and staff and take full legal and financial responsibility for songs submitted which are not under your rights ownership of which may be subject to rights and royalties collection.

If you agree to these terms then please email us at SUBMIT@BICPRODUCTIONS.COM with a link to your dropbox, FTP or other location of music files.

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