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Your Donation Helps Us Preserve Motorcycle History & Awareness and supports the B.I.C!

The more we get out there to educate and entertain, the more history we can preserve and the more we can promote awareness and preservation of motorcycles, their history and their riders!

Your membership donation helps in so many ways, plus you get some cool B.I.C Exclusive Member Benefits!


Thank you to all the Supporting Members of The Bikers Inner Circle!

Bikers Inner Circle Donation Members


Michael Ignacio
Anonymous | in memory of Jeff Garcia
Donald Reidy | in memory of Al Big AL Evans
John Judy
Pigshit Eddie and HOGHEDZ

Tony Pan
Ruby Weber
Eric Hine
Jason Daniels
Travis Hawley
Keith “Iron Wolf” Harris
Jackson Lineberry
Dewayne “DJ” Jasper
Barrie Shaun O’Sullivan
Laurie | The Road Hawg Media Network
Alan Donoghue
Chuck & Sue Robison

John Judy
Missy Cowgirl
Ken Cella
David Saville
Ron Jenkins
Richard Howard
Juanita Dismuke
Dennis O’Sullivan
Greg Kellogg
Rene Duncan
Marcel ‘Cello’ Wittwer
Carol Curl

Base Members | $20+
Al Paiva
Paul W. Cote
Herb Dagen
Marcus Diedrich
Vicki Hartmann
Tim Mulder
Ralph Miller
Debbie Devine | in memory of Spitfire Lutzow
Terry Hare
Chad Storment | in memory of Rick McCormick
PJ Jackson
Eva Rodin
Crusher (Jim) Shaw
Joe (EvoJoe) Taylor
Jimmy Dale Bridge
Joe Hamilton
Elvin Rurka
Bill Inks
Al Paiva
Brian Yetzke
Jim Clites
Gerald L Bons
John Valadez

Friends/Family | $10+
David Russell
Kenneth Mathisen
Theodore Snacki
Matt F*cker
Steven Young
Brian Seeley | in memory of David Mann
Marcel Rancourt
Bridget Andrews
Mark Creek
Charles Cupit
Todd Coslett
Dave Blackburn
Air Relief Specialists, LLC

Associates | $5+
James Lair
William Perkins
Karin Abbott
J.R. Rudisel
S. Joel McGregor
Randy Templar
Ronald Quebec
Trisha Perretti
Nick Moretta
Joshua Sanders
Jill Stefani

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