Motorcycle Audio Competitor Comparison

A little something from our partner, Steel Horse Audio:

We don’t like to talk bad about other companies or people behind their backs (that’s just not the biker way), but we did put together this small comparison chart to help you when choosing a motorcycle speaker system.  This compares the most popular handlebar mount motorcycle speaker system companies … Motorcycle Tunes, Kuryakyn/MTX and Rumble Road to Steel Horse Audio (the best in our opinion).  There are other companies out there, such as Shark and Pyle, but they are lower end systems for entry level sound and just not in the same category.

So, here it is, the official comparison of top end motorcycle speaker systems from Motorcycle Tunes and Kuryakyn and Rumble Road to Steel Horse Audio:


Steel Horse Audio Vs Motorcycle Tunes Vs Kuryakyn Vs Rumble Road