May 30

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Night

Author: BIC Staff

Come join The Sturgis Buffalo Chip , Charlie Brechtel and friends for a charity fund raiser night in support of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Friday Aug, 3rd, 2012 at the Buffalo Chip Campground. The Sturgis Buffalo Chip has been raising money for the Sturgis Museum for years, but this year Charlie Brechtel will not only be performing his original biker blues music at the Chip, he has also engaged his good friend, bike builder Danny Ray LaJocies, to build and raffle off a very special motorcycle this night in support of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum as well. Raffle tickets for the bike have been sold throughout the year and will be sold up until the bike is awarded on Friday, Aug 3rd at the 2012 party at the Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Raffle tickets are available online at the Sturgis museum and will be available at the Buffalo Chip during the Sturgis motorcycle rally week. Proceeds will be generously donated to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum to help fund construction of a new building.

It is Charlie’s and the Buffalo Chip’s hope that they’ll be able to do a similar benefit concert each year during the Sturgis Rally at the Buffalo Chip. Folks who are regular campers at the Legendary Buffalo Chip know Charlie and the Buffalo Chip have time and again shown to have huge hearts for great causes. Check out Charlie’s website

Raffle tickets are available online now at $10 each or three for $20.

In addition to Charlie Brechtel, other bands have donated songs which can be downloaded at just $.99 with all proceeds going to the museum.

The custom built Danny Ray motorcycle will be given away Friday Aug 3rd during the best Sturgis concerts at the Buffalo Chip Campground. The bike will be on display each and every night during this year’s motorcycle rally where it will collect autographs from the bands at the Buffalo Chip.  This will be a one-of-a kind custom motorcycle that will make some lucky winner very happy.

“Last year, when I was at the Hall of Fame Breakfast I heard the museum was out of space and cannot hold any more motorcycle history.  I knew in my heart this was unacceptable,” Charlie said.  “So I made a phone call to Woody, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Campground owner, and ran down my idea to help raise money to put up another motorcycle museum building. The history of our lifestyle needs to keep rollin’ on.

“Woody, who is also a lover of the motorcycle culture and a board member for the Sturgis museum, quickly agreed that something had to be done.  So we came up with the idea called ‘Sturgis Museum Night’“

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum bike raffle is only possible due to the very generous support of people and companies that have donated money and contributed directly to building the bike. They include Hupy & Abraham, Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers; Bean’re Motorcycle Mayer; Doug Brixbey of Drag Specialties; Randy Simpson of Milwaukie Iron; Kristopher Winkler of Uniq Cycle Sounds; and I.M.B.B.A. (International Master Bike Association) ; Texas Bike Works ; Samson Exhaust and more.